Requirements for materials submitted to the editorial staff:

    1. Content of the articles should correspond to the journals specialization and scientific-technical level. In article microeconomics questions have to be considered.

    2. The articles volume shouldnt exceed 13 000 signs (pictures, diagrams, formulas and datatables reduce admissible volume, proceeding from a ratio: 1 page 3.5 000 signs).

    3. Pagination is obligatory.

    4. Article is submitted on an electronic medium (by e-mail or on a disk) in the Microsoft Word (2003-2007) format. When typing article it is recommended to consider the following: font Times New Roman, base font 14 pt, interline one and half, text formatting on width.

    5. Abstract (up 1000 signs) and keywords are obligatory.

    6. At the end of the article the list of references has to be presented, bibliographical references within the text should be given in square brackets.

    7. Pictures, diagrams and data-tables should have captions with numbers.

    8. Pictures and diagrams should be given in the form of graphic files better in vector format; in the case of raster image the resolution should be from 200 to 300 dpi, chromaticity 256 gradation gray. Picture size should not exceed 2000 x 2750 pixels (or 17 x 23.5 cm).

    9. Formulas have to be issued in Microsoft Equation or Math Type, symbols only the Latin or Greek alphabet.

    10. Please, dont apply special symbols, such as hyphens, non-breaking spaces and hyphens, section breaks.

    11. Please, give the following authors details:

     surname, name, middle name completely;

     scientific degree;

     academic degree;

     place of work;


     e-mail address;

     contact phone number;

     the mail address with the postal index;

     working graduate students (tuition by correspondence) also completely specify a place of work, study and a position.

    12. The third-party review (assured) is obligatory.

All items of requirements are obligatory for performance.
In case of failure to meet requirements, articles to the publication arent accepted.
The Journals editorial staff reserves the right to edit the articles.
The opinion of editorial staff can coincide with the opinion of authors of publications not always.


    Please, submit the articles by E-mail: pochta@imce.ru

    Editorial Board ph.: +7(499) 128-26-35, +7(499) 120-24-30